Google might Team up with HTC to Roll out more Pixel Phones in Coming Years

Google and HTC, the popular smartphone manufacturer is gearing up the efforts to launch more Pixel devices in coming years. In a bid to compete with the giant smartphone maker namely Apple, Huawei and Samsung the company might have taken this initiative. This teaming up of both the companies may increase the number of smartphone sales.

A recent report from the Taiwan-based company suggests that Google is finally done with acquiring HTC and is in the final stages of teaming up. Earlier similar tie up as seen between Blackberry and Nokia and now Nokia is out with its new smartphone. HTC was one of the popular smartphone makers in the United States but after the unsuccessful product launched there was a reduction in the number of sales.

A failure in maintaining the recent trends and rapidly evolving consumer demands might have caused a decline in its popularity. Due to this several companies are collaborating with each other to deliver the best product in future. But HTC is still in the race as it has designed a unique technique called Edge Sense technology. This is an input method using which the users can squeeze their device and invoke commands.

Google Nexus and Pixel device were also quite successful in the market and the company says that it has various reasons on why they are planning to acquire HTC. By acquiring HTC, Google can launch innovative Pixel devices in future by integrating the hardware, software, cloud and other features from HTC. This integration will benefit both HTC and Google.

It is also seen that Google may only buy the research and development section of HTC, as purchasing the VR arm of HTC may not prove useful since Google as its own Daydream VR platform. Many such partnerships have taken place in recent years which will wither fuel the growth of both companies or will maintain the stability. For instance, the collaboration between Motorola and Lenovo is an example of such collaboration.

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