Climate Change may Wash out One-Third of the Parasite Species

Climate change which is one of the major issue faced globally may lead to the depletion of one-third of all the parasite species by 2070. Although it may be a small issue to the number of people as climate change is expected to cause huge loss to all the living organisms on the Earth. But parasites are the important part of our ecosystem.

The latest report related to the threats caused to the parasite species has been published in the journal Science Advances on September 6. This report also provides a hint on how climate change is threatening all the life forms on the Earth. Some of the parasite species which are under threat include tapeworms, lice, fleas, roundworms to name a few.

The report was published with the help of the data gathered from U.S. National Parasite Collection. Parasites are an important part of ecosystem and help in maintaining the wildlife population and the flow of energy through the food chain. The research was a joint study conducted by 17 researchers from 8 different countries. These researchers analyzed various parasite species to understand their habitat and their survival means.

The researchers then created the forecast climate conditions to understand how these 457 parasite species will respond to the climate changes. The researchers found that if such climate changes persists than by 2070, one-third of the parasite species will be washed out completely. As many parasites have a life cycle which passes through different hosts, they play an important role in maintaining the ecosystem.

The past studies have claimed that 5-10% of the parasite species would become extinct in coming years but this study proved that more than one-third of the parasite species will become extinct by 2070. Despite this huge loss many biologists are not much concerned about preserving these species. One of the reasons behind this may be that most of the parasites are involved in causing infection and different diseases. Despite this negative mindset, these organisms are an important part of our environment and should be preserved.
Thus, prompt steps are needed to bring climate change under control and to preserve these life forms which maintain the balance of our ecosystem.

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